A Nottingham family is raising awareness about Albinism

National Albinism Awareness day is approaching which informs people about the rare condition. Two young girls with albinism are getting involved with their family.

Mr and Mrs Bennett from Nottingham have two daughters who have albinism, they are the only siblings in Nottinghamshire to have the condition.

Andrew and Jo Bennett whose children, Jessica, 7, and Rebecca, 4, live with the condition, are hoping to raise more awareness about Albinism.

Andrew Bennett is looking forward to Albinism Awareness Day as he feels some people do not fully understand it.

He said: “The Albinism Fellowship are very understanding but it is only a small group. Some people out in the public are fine when they see the girls.

Others don’t necessarily have a problem with it but they don’t like it when they see something ‘different’ and it phases some people out.

Andrew Bennett, father of the girls with Albinism.

The school which the two girls attend, Jessie Gray in West Bridgford, is doing something unique for Albinism Awareness Day.

Mr Bennett said: “The school is dressing up in white on Friday to show their support for Albinism.”

Video: Jessica and Rebecca talk about having Albinism.

The Albinism Fellowship works with people who have the rare condition to raise awareness about how to live with it.

It is estimated around 3,000 people in the UK and Republic of Ireland live with Albinism.

Mark Sanderson, Chair of the Albinism Fellowship, said: “We welcome the significant work of the United Nations in raising the profile of albinism on the global stage.

We want to ensure that our voices are heard on Albinism Awareness Day.

Mark Sanderson, Chair of the Albinism Fellowship.

In countries like Tanzania in Africa, it has been reported that people who have Albinism are targeted against their will to be used in witchcraft.

Chair of the Albinism Fellowship said: “Those living with the condition here often face a daily battle to make others understand about their often poor sight and sensitivity to the sun, as well as facing general ignorance and prejudice about their distinctive appearances.”

To get more information about Albinism or to find out about the events for Albinism Awareness Day, visit: http://www.albinism.org.uk/index.php.


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