Age of adult ticket for NCT buses rises from 16 to 18


Bus users who are 16 or 17 can now buy a ticket for £1 as the age of an adult ticket for NCT buses increases.

The age to buy an adult ticket increased from 16 to 18 today (Sunday August 28).

The change is designed to help apprentices, college and sixth form students travel across the city at cheaper rates.

This makes travel more affordable for young people

Marketing manager at NCT Anthony Carver-Smith said: “Young people are now required to stay in further education, an apprenticeship or traineeship upon completion of their GCSEs.

“Our adjustment to the age threshold for reduced fares makes travel more affordable as young people continue their education.”

This comes after changes to the education system now mean that 16 and 17 year olds must either stay in full-time education, start an apprenticeship or traineeship, or work or volunteer for 20 hours per week while in part-time education or training.


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