Boy reunited with teachers who saved him after life threatening blood clot

joe kennedy teachers saved life

14 year old Jo Kennedy has returned to school just 6 weeks after teachers saved his life.

After complaining from a headache in class, the pupil at Ellis Guilford Secondary school on Bar Lane in Nottingham took a turn for the worse after he entered the changing rooms before a sports lesson.  The PE staff jumped into action and began performing CPR and called an ambulance.

Graham Webb speaks about the day Jo fell ill.

When Jo got to hospital it was revealed that he had a major blood clot in his brain which bled and could have killed him.

“I left to get first aid, came back and then Jo had got progressively worse from that point”

Teacher Graham Webb on finding the pupil

The Secondary school student had emergency surgery to remove the life threatening clot. Even though he is having final surgery next week, staff at the hospital have said that he has made a remarkable recovery.

Renu Kennedy is relieved about her sons recovery

“I was very lucky my friends were still there to call a teacher to say Joseph feels sick”

Jo Kennedy reflecting how lucky he was.

Joseph himself doesn’t remember much of the day apart from how lucky he was to have his friends and teachers around him and how quickly the emergency services acted. 

 Jo Kennedy reflects on the dramatic day

The School are working closely with the family and hope to get Jo joining his classmates back in lessons by September and he doesn’t seem phased by the thought of P.E despite the anxiety of teachers.


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