Campaign to prevent cyber crime backed by Notts Police

To coincide with Black Friday, a national campaign has been launched to prevent online shoppers falling victim to cyber crime this Christmas.

Nottinghamshire Police and forces across the country are supporting the national ’12 online frauds of Christmas’ campaign that highlights the dos and don’ts of online shopping.

With online shopping becoming an increasingly popular way for people to get their shopping fix, the campaign aims to warn shoppers of the dangers of buying online.

So far this year 74 per cent of adults have bought goods or services online and 50 per cent of people are expected to use the internet for buying Christmas presents this December.

However, police say during the period November 1 last year and February 28 this year there were 14,066 reports of online shopping and auction fraud nationally.

Two hundred and fifty six of the fraud cases were linked to Nottinghamshire, with a total loss of £136,921.10.

Detective Inspector Andy Baguley, head of fraud and financial investigation at Nottinghamshire Police, said:

“Easy access to the internet has revolutionised the way we shop and pay for gifts. Unfortunately it has also made us vulnerable to crooks that specialise in creating online cons.

Our key message to the public is that a large majority of cyber crime is easily preventable by making small and simple changes to the way we use internet technology.”

The campaign aims to focus on advising internet users about the dangers of online money transfers, ticketing fraud, donating to charity online, opening emails that may contain viruses and social media scams.

Despite many online shopping sites delivering legitimate and legal services, the police say there are criminals out there who specialise in tricking internet users by promising great online deals and big savings.

Together with supporting this campaign, Nottinghamshire Police recently launched their own cyber crime campaign with a new prevention website.

The new website offers detailed information on what cyber crime is, how to prevent falling victim to it and links to other websites offering alternative information on staying safe when buying online.

Police are urging anyone who is a victim of cyber crime to call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit them online.







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