Campaigners claim victory as council votes against selling bowling green

Plans to sell off a former bowling green to developers have been scrapped after campaigners said it should be kept for the community.

Gedling Borough Council voted against the proposed plans to sell off Haywood Green, on Haywood Road, in Mapperley, yesterday (October 13).

Campaign group ‘Save the Haywood Road Green’ spent months opposing the move.

After the council’s cabinet voted not to sell, deputy leader Michael Payne said: “I think at the end of the day, we recognised the strength of argument at the need for additional publicly accessible open green space in that particular area, including provision for a children’s play park.

“We recognise there’s a real community value here and a strength of feeling, and it’s right that we’ve listened to that.”

The council had proposed to sell a large part of the site, saying it could raise £300,000 which would help it protect other services while it deals with financial pressure.

But people living nearby argued it should instead be kept and be turned into a play area.

Phil Gunn, a member of the campaign group, said: “The whole campaign has now been vindicated through this result and we really appreciate the local authority making the decision not to sell.”

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