Can celebration cards be too rude?

Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards

Sending a personalised card to celebrate the life event of a close friend or relative is one of the Britain’s oldest traditions.

But what happens when a rude or outrageous card comes through your letterbox?

Some cards may be considered to be too offensive and push the boundaries of taste whereas others may find the same design funny.

And some high street stores have been pushing the boundaries in recent months, with ever more outrageous messages.

We bought a selection of cards in Nottingham city centre, some of which have swear words and insults on the front of them.

See a selection of them below in our photo gallery – the images contain language some people may find offensive.

With the card market so competitive and with such a variety to choose from, is there any place for these cards?

We asked the people of Nottingham for their opinions to a series of ‘alternative’ designs, and whether they found them funny or offensive.

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