Chris Leslie retains Nottingham East for Labour

Labour’s Chris Leslie, a staunch favourite for Nottingham East, has held his seat and increased the majority to 11,894.

After a turnout of 58% (35,209), Leslie raced to victory with a total of 19,208 votes.

Conservative Garry Hickton came second with 7,314 and UKIP’s Fran Loi trailed behind him in third.

Nottingham East results

Chris Leslie, Labour 19,208
Garry Hickton, Conservative 7,314
Fran Loi, UK Independence Party 3,501
Antonia Zenkevitch, Green 3,473
Tadeusz Jones, Liberal Democrat 1,475
Seb Soar, Independent 141
James Stephenson, Independent 97

The results were declared at around 6.40am after some short delays.

Leslie is set to be a big player in Labour’s future regardless of the party’s status following this election.

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