Shoppers warned ‘prolific’ Nottingham beggar is back again

Shoppers are again being warned not to give money to a professional beggar who’s been given a city ban.

Officers say Darren Walker is not homeless and is tricking people out of their money.

“When he’s been arrested he’s often found with several hundred pounds in cash,” said Richard Antlicff of Nottingham Community Protection.

“He’s a drug user so the money you do give him is killing him and going into dealer’s pockets.”

Mr Walker’s image has even been posted on social media by officers, who say he is often seen around Carrington Street asking for money despite having a CRASBO banning him from the area.

Instead, they say, people should give money to homeless charities instead.

Dennis Tully, chief executive of homelessness charity Emmanuel House, Goose Gate, said there are so many fraudulent beggars, generous shoppers are being caught out daily.

He said: “We would always say one of the most crucial things about giving to an organisation is you have some knowledge of the person you are giving to and where the money is going.”

Police and council officers have warned people not to give to Mr Walker before, but say he is so prolific he often finds new shoppers who have not heard of him to give him money.


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