Cracking council schemes – what’s next?

Nottingham City Council has revealed record figures on the number of people hiring Citycard Cycles in March. So what could be their next cunning scheme?

In March 2015, 1,203 people hired out a bike from one of the city’s numerous Citycard Cycle locations.

The council attributes this increase in usage to the fact that bikes are now free to hire through various promotional schemes and there is no longer the need to pre-register for the service on a mobile phone.

A spokesperson for the council said:

To hire a bike from off the street you simply have to send a text, as detailed on all the hire locations, and away you go.

“When you have finished, lock the bike up at any of the 35 hire location around Nottingham and send the “Return” text so that the bike is ready for the next customer.”

Below details just how much Citycard Cycles have grown in popularity since the scheme’s inception:

Citycard cycles

In light of this news, we asked the people of Nottingham what other initiatives and events they’d like to see rolled out next by the council:

Video: What would you like to see the council do?

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