Delays of up to 30 minutes for passengers on trams to Hucknall


Passengers travelling on trams to Hucknall face delays of up to 30 minutes after a tram ‘failed’ on the line.

NET, which runs the tram network, said the incident occurred at Highbury Vale around 12.15pm.

The company tweeted to say a ‘shuttle tram’ was running in replace of the failed vehicle.

NET said the tram has since been ‘cleared’ and services to Hucknall are running – but with “delays of around 30 minutes whilst we get back to timetable”.

The company earlier tweeted to say: “DISRUPTION We currently have a disruption to our service due to a failed tram at Highbury Vale. We are running a shuttle tram.

The company added: “From Highbury Vale to Hucknall and on the return to the city you will have to cross over to the branch line to complete your journey.”

An NET spokesman said: “Due to a technical fault, one of our trams was delayed at Highbury Vale earlier today.

“Our engineers have resolved the problem and services are returning to normal.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to customers.”

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