DH Lawrence heritage centre facing closure

The DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in Eastwood is facing closure as part of changes to Broxtowe Borough Council.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the DH Lawrence could face closure as part of changes to Broxtowe Borough Council’s leisure and culture department.

The authority has not yet explained the reason behind the potential closure and members of its cabinet will look at the matter in private on Tuesday.

Labour councillor for Broxtowe Borough Council, Milan Radulovic believes that losing such an iconic tourist attraction will be devastating for the whole community.

He said: “We see it as a loss to Eastwood and its literacy heritage. As well as local businesses – once its lost it will never be brought back.”

“This building and DH Lawrence heritage and culture attracts people from all over the world. You cannot put a price on the value of that for the local community in Eastwood.”

DH Lawrence

Picture: DH Lawrence is an iconic figurehead known for his English literature.

The heritage centre which acts as the starting point for the Blue Line Trail which runs through the local community and links to various sites in Eastwood including, DH Lawrence’s birthplace.

The Blue Line Trail also runs past local businesses including toy store ‘Firetop Mountain’.

Shop owner, Sarah Taylor relocated the toy store onto the Blue Line because of the heritage site and the tourism.

“I think if the centre does close we will lose out as a business. We have worked with the council and they have an excellent team. I would like to think that they have a proposal in place to counteract the closure.”

She also added: “I do understand the decision but I do think it will be very tragic for the people of Eastwood.”

The cabinet meeting will take place at the New Council Chamber, Town Hall, Beeston, from 7pm on Tuesday.

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