European Hovercraft Championship returns to Nottingham

Nottingham is becoming a hotbed for hovercraft racing, with the European Championship being held for a fourth time in the area.

The pulsating sport of hovercraft racing was showcased on Hackett’s Lake over the Bank Holiday weekend, across land and water, as the European Championship was held alongside the first day of the UK Championship.

Video: Tim Shaw, Race Director talks about the sport

Despite being outnumbered by the British competitors, it was an Italian who came out on top on the two day F1 European race. Michele Scanavino, triumphed over nearest competitor; Daniel Turnbull by 75 points to 55.

An array of European talent was on show at Hackett’s Lake on Helmond Pierrepont, as Swedish driver, Magnus Ivanoff won the F2 race.

European Championship F1 Results

Driver:                               Nation:                   Points:

Michele Scanavino            Italy                           75

Daniel Turnbull                 UK                             55

Darren Wallace                  UK                             52

Daniel Newton                  UK                              47

Simon Larman                   UK                              28

Director, Tim Shaw said: “We had; Italians, Germans, Swedes over the weekend, spread across about 15-20 drivers.”

Although the UK drivers had to settle for 2nd place, the British Hovercraft enthusiasts are hoping that the Championships have helped boost the sport’s profile in Nottinghamshire and throughout the country.

Kevin Foster, Chairman of the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain, said: “We get a lot of spectators at these events, including people from France, Germany and other European countries.”

We try and get the sport out there through; press releases, local branches, any advertising we can get.

Kevin Foster, Chairman of the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain

Even with the obscure nature of the sport, event organisers are encouraging people to get involved.

Race Director, Tim Shaw said: “A lot of people join through schools, scout clubs and things like that.

“You can buy a craft (usually £1,000-£2,000) and novice-race, or you can come up through the junior ranks and race that way.”

With speeds of crafts reaching up to a blistering 80mph, the sport is certainly not for the feint-hearted.

If that doesn’t deter you, you can register with the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain at


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