Fresh Princes of Basford: Nottingham primary school music video wins dream holiday to Majorca

Video: The Year Six class performing on Ey Up Notts

A Year Six class from a Nottingham school have used their rap skills to win a holiday to Spain.

The class from Southwark Primary School in Basford entered a competition hosted by Jet2 airline, which required entrants to promote Sol Katmandu Park and Resort in Majorca to win a trip there.

After a suggestion from their teacher Nick Smith, the class decided to do their own music video to win the Ultimate School Trip with choreographed dance moves and their own lyrics.

And the Southwark class rose to victory by rewriting the lyrics of the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s theme tune.

Nick Smith said: “We suggested the idea of perhaps Despacito but they already knew Fresh Prince of Bel Air off by heart.

“I was surprised they even knew of it because it’s quite outdated!

“As soon as we gave them the idea, they rewrote the lyrics and surprisingly, it only took one lunchtime to film.”

The class called their video ‘Fresh Princes of Basford’

The class titled their video ‘The Fresh Prince of Basford’ and wore summer outfits to increase their chances of bagging the prize.

Schools all over the country competed to win the all expenses paid for trip to Majorca, as well as a science class with the legendary Dick and Dom and an exclusive dance class with Diversity’s Jordan Banjo.

Mr Smith helped the 10 and 11 year-olds with the choreography but they wrote  the lyrics themselves and came in their own outfits.

He said: “It’s huge for us; a lot of the children didn’t even have passports because they haven’t been abroad with their parents before.

“The local community of Basford have got behind the video more than we could have ever hoped.”

After winning more than three times the number of votes of the school in second place, the class will have the opportunity to walk the red carpet with a number of mystery celebrities at East Midlands Airport.

The class will fly on April 20 along with other schools from each region across the country.

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