General Election 2017: Labour candidates announced for Broxtowe and Rushcliffe

Video: Notts Tonight’s Hugh Casswell meets the latest candidates announced

The Labour party has announced its Broxtowe and Rushcliffe candidates for the June 8 General Election.

Greg Marshall has been selected as the party’s candidate for Broxtowe and David Mellen has been selected to challenge for Rushcliffe.

Mr Marshall is fighting for the seat currently held by Conservative MP Anna Soubry; he currently works at the Environment Agency and is a Broxtowe Borough Councillor.

Election- Broxtowe Candidate Anna Soubry
Conservative MP for Broxtowe Anna Soubry

Mr Marshall said: “Anna Soubry only has a majority of about 4,000 and it’s an eminently winnable seat.

“It’s winnable because the situation has changed and people are starting to see the promises Soubry and the Tories made at the last election aren’t coming through.

“Things aren’t being delivered around jobs and education across the community.”

Anna Soubry has been re-selected by the Conservatives for the seat with Tim Hallam chosen as the candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

Other political parties are yet to announce their candidates for Broxtowe.

Labour candidate David Mellen will challenge for the Rushcliffe seat currently held by Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke, who has held the seat since 1970 and is running again.

Mr Mellen currently works as a Nottingham City Councillor.

Mr Clarke has been Rushcliffe MP since 1970.

He said: “It’s a safe Conservative seat but I stood in 2015 and we had a swing to the Labour party.

“Although people have respect for Kenneth Clarke, there are also people in Rushcliffe on the face of it, in a nice well-to-do area, who are struggling.

“People working in public services who have had their wages frozen, schools having their budgets cut, people finding their waits in the NHS longer and longer.”

Liberal Democrats have announced their candidate as Jayne Phoenix with other political parties yet to announce their candidates for Rushcliffe.

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