General Election 2017: Mansfield constituency profile

Despite Labour holding the seat in Mansfield for 94 years, the constituency is being seen as a key battleground in the General Election.

Mansfield has been a Labour constituency ever since the aftermath of the First World War and Sir Alan Meale has represented the area since 1987.

However since his landslide win in the 1997 General Election, his majority has decreased ever since with four other candidates looking to capitalise.

Result in 2015: LABOUR HOLD – Sir Alan Meale
Majority: 5,315
Electorate: 79,849
Turnout: 60.9 per cent

Constituency boundary

Mansfield Constituency boundary. Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2017)

Questioning the candidates

Ben Bradley

Ben Bradley – Conservative

Why should people vote for you?
Mansfield needs change. We have had the same MP for 30 years and his record speaks for itself in that the area needs investment.

What local issue is most important to you in Mansfield?
I think it’s regeneration to be honest. We all know the changes and we need support for the town centre financially. Also, it’s not just around the town but also places on the outskirts like Warsop that used to be thriving market towns but aren’t any more.

What has the area got most going for it?
The area has an awful lot of history. A lot of people here work hard and want to do the best for everyone here and do well. It’s the people who are the life of Mansfield.

Sir Alan Meale

Sir Alan Meale – Labour

Why should people vote for you?
I have delivered a lot for Mansfield, like new roads and even a new football stadium and two new houses alongside dealing with 120,000 cases.

What local issue is most important to you in Mansfield?
Jobs and education is what we have got to tackle in Mansfield and we want to expand the university here.

What has the area got most going for it?
I’ve lived here for 33 years. The people here are so good and there is a real sense of community here among the people.

Sid Pepper

Sid Pepper – UKIP

Why should people vote for you?
I’m the only true Brexiteer.

What local issue is most important to you in Mansfield?
Evolving the town is the most important to address all the losses of the traditional industries that went away many years ago.

What has the area got most going for it?
Its vibrancy there’s no question about that – we are a strong Brexit town and immigration is an interest. There are no areas of concern for it in Mansfield at the moment but I don’t want to see it worsen. This is about Brexit and the Labour and Tory candidates are remainers.

Anita Prabhakar

Anita Prabhakar – Liberal Democrats

Why should people vote for you?
The reason behind voting for the Lib Dems is in our manifesto, we want to raise extra by putting a penny in the pound for income tax so we can get the extra cash for the NHS and social care. It’s the same with education – we want children in Mansfield, and across the UK, to get the best education possibilities and we want to give them £7billion extra for things like free meals in schools and we want to improve teaching facilities in teaching and colleges. We want the younger generation of Mansfield to get the bets employment opportunities too to get a good job. This is so they can achieve their life goals. At the same time, we want mental health patients to get the best treatment and the same thing applies for the younger generation. I have a dream for people of Mansfield for them to follow their dreams.

What local issue is most important to you in Mansfield?
I think unemployment is the biggest issue along with health issues and people should vote for someone else other than Labour who can think more out of the box to provide better things like education facilities and job opportunities and Mansfield would be a better place to live where each person could fulfil their dreams.

What has the area got most going for it?
The people of Mansfield – they are hard working people and happy people. The only thing is that they are not being given the kind of care they should be getting.

Philip Shields

Philip Shields – Mansfield Independent

Why should people vote for you?
Mansfield should vote for some that actually lives in Mansfield, is a Mansfield lad, as I was brought up in Warsop, went to Woodhouse and live in Mansfield, I find it quite bizarre that anyone that doesn’t live in Mansfield would actually even stand here. There’s only two of us, myself and Sir Alan Meale, who actually live in Mansfield, so I like to think it would be a two horse race.

What local issue is most important to you in Mansfield?
I think getting somebody who really wants to promote Mansfield is the most important issue. I always think Mansfield is brought down rather than bigged up and I believe an MP, a district councillor or a county councillor should be able to get out there, get up off their backside and actually go out and promote Mansfield and get local businesses to come into Mansfield. One of the big stumbling blocks for businesses are the business rates and the rents in the town centre – this has changed phenomenally over the last 30 years but, for whatever reason, the people who tend to run them haven’t. It’s time somebody got up and stood up for Mansfield now.

What has the area got most going for it?
I just love the place – I was born in the north east, I moved down here when I was seven and have lived there for 51 years next week. Everybody knocks it, I never do, I always big it up but to me it’s just a fantastic place to live with loads of opportunities and it can only go one way and I hope that’s the catalyst for change in Mansfield.

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