Glenn Ligon opens art exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary

Glenn Ligon brings together some of his most famous work alongside 45 other artists to create the Encounters and Collisions exhibition.

The artists include Jackson Pollock, Adrian Piper, Philip Guston, Jasper Johns, Richard Serra and Andy Warhol.

The exhibition explores the difficulties of being black in contemporary American society through a wide range of artistic techniques.

The Encounters and Collision exhibition opens at 6.30pm on Thursday April 2 and runs until 14 June.

  • Glenn Ligon was born in Bronx, America in 1960.
  • He is a conceptual artist who works with, digital media, paintings, sculptures, prints and neon signs.
  • Ligon’s work often explores his experiences as a gay, black man.
  • Barack Obama is a fan of his work and has a painting hanging in his private quarters at the White House.

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