Greek Nottingham resident thinks his home country should learn from the UK

flag of greece

An emergency summit to review Greece’s economy has left local migrants eager to find out the future of their home country.

Greece is facing a banking crisis after a meeting with eurozone finance ministers led to Greece potentially leaving the euro.

Yiannis Fragkantonis is a Greek resident of Nottingham and is also the owner of Yianni’s’ Greek restaurant on Haydn Road, in Sherwood. He is worried about his home country’s financial situation.

Yiannis Fragkantonis, Owner of Yianni’s Greek Restaurant, offer’s his idea on how to improve it.

Yiannis’ family have been affected by Greece’s struggles, he said: “My mother and sister have a café in my village and it’s not busy at all. It’s ready to close down because it’s just not busy. People have to pay bills so they can’t afford to hand over two euros for a coffee any longer.

Everyone in Greece is either very rich or very poor. They have destroyed the middle class.

  Yiannis Fragkantonis.

Yiannis believes that Greece could learn a lot from Britain and how they run their economy.

He said: “I like the system here. You take but you have to give as well to get the benefits.”

Yiannis admitted one positive that he took from the situation is what the future holds for Greece.

“Many bright young people are now studying in other countries such as America and Australia and after a few years they come back to Greece and bring us their prosperity.

“They’ll take all these ideas from the places they’ve worked and lived and then bring them back to Greece.”

Greece is discussing new proposals with eurozone finance ministers to try and end Greece’s debt crisis.

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