Group authorising Notts health services want more moved into community to cut costs

Original image: Flickr user Ilmicrofono Oggiono, cc-by-sa-2.0

A group who authorise which health services are available in Nottinghamshire want to see seven that are delivered by hospitals to move into the community to reduce costs.

Nottingham North & East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), responsible for deciding what health services are available in Broxtowe, Ashfield, Gedling and Newark & Sherwood, say they want to see seven services delivered by the QMC and City Hospital move.

The CCGs that provide services across Nottinghamshire reviewed the ones which fall outside of the national tariff payment scheme, a set of prices and rules made by central government designed to provide best value for money for health services.

Nottingham North & East CCG proposed that seven services moved into the community on the back of the findings from the review.

The CCG say that this would ‘provide better value to the NHS’ and that there would be less strain put on hospitals.

Clinical lead at the CCG Dr James Hopkinson said: “With mounting financial pressures, we are looking at new ways of delivering health and social care services that are more cost effective and bring care closer to people’s homes.

“This will mean that more services will move out of hospital and into community settings which will provide more convenient access for patients and service users as well as better value for public money.

“We’d like to reassure local people that this isn’t a case of removing services but looking at the ways in which they can be delivered more effectively and efficiently.

“We have redesigned some service specifications to support a shift of non-acute services into community settings to reduce cost and improve access for patients.”