How to beat the January blues and have fun being healthy following the Christmas period

Video: Notts TV’s Richard Minkley finds out how to beat the January blues by being healthy

It’s that time where all of the leftover party food has run out and it’s time for that first big shop of the year.

The turkey, Christmas pudding and chocolates have all long gone and now it’s time to get fit and healthy again, which can feel to some like a daunting task.

However, Notts TV News has got some tips from nutritional therapist Heather Mountney to help you have fun getting healthy and to make sure 2017 starts on the right foot.

She said: “If you call fun eating lots of simple sugar, lots of sweeties, chocolate and cake, then it’s going to be a challenge for you to feel good.

“That said, there’s nothing wrong with having dark chocolate as it’s really good for you – it has lots of nice things in it which will make you feel good.

“It isn’t about you reducing things to a degree where you’re starving – that’s no fun.

“It is about getting the right kinds of food on your plate on a regular basis.”

We also spoke to personal trainer Tom Wilson about setting goals to make the gym more fun.

He said: “First of all, you can set a big goal, so you can say I want to do this by this time next year, or whatever it may be.

“You then break that down into some easier goals to achieve.

“For example, the first month may be something like, I just want to make the gym three times a week, and then you set some goals in between that.

“Also, don’t over commit yourself; don’t say I’m going to do five days a week training, just do a few days and then it feels a lot more fun.”