How to get involved in 1in2 Day fundraising for John van Geest Centre cancer research

The third public 1in2 Day is happening on Friday March 9 to raise money for the John van Geest centre's cancer research

The third public 1in2 Day is being held on Friday March 9 to raise funds for lifesaving cancer research work at the John van Geest Centre in Nottingham.

The day is named in recognition of the statistic that at least one-in-two of us are now predicted to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lifetime.

Businesses, individuals and other organisations are being asked to join in the fun and fundraise for the centre on the day.

Previous 1in2 Days have seen a diverse range of fundraising activities take place – from climbing the equivalent height of Snowdon on a climbing wall, car washes, ‘office Olympics’ and traditional cake sales.

Director of the university’s John van Geest Centre Professor Graham Pockley said: “Over the past five years 1in2 Day has been a great success.

“I have been impressed by the ingenuity and dedication of the local community in joining together to raise thousands of pounds to support this vital research.

“My hope is that the community will join us this year to make 1in2 Day an even greater success, as well as considering how they might potentially support our work throughout the year.”

The centre has been involved in a number of recent breakthroughs, including developing a simple blood test which can confirm the presence or absence of prostate cancer – which could help remove the need for unnecessary invasive and painful biopsies.

Scientists and clinicians have also identified a breast cancer protein which indicates whether a patient is likely to respond to a particular type of therapy.

Other projects include paving the way to better understand how prostate cancer spreads around the body and the development of a new vaccine to target the most deadly form of brain tumour.

Alumni and community giving officer at Nottingham Trent University Stephen Knott said: “The incredible support we receive from our local community is so important to us.

“We work with local clinicians and patient groups to make a difference and it is fantastic that so many local people and organisations are able to join with us to advance this vital work.”

To find out more, contact Stephen Knott via email or on 0115 848 8807.

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