Hucknall business owners hoping new road opening will improve shopping

Official opening of the new road which marks the completion of Phase One of the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme. Picture: Dave Tully

Business owners hope that the opening of a new road may improve shopping in Hucknall.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place where it meets with Annesley Road, to mark its opening.

It’s phase one of the County Council’s Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

The second phase, which is now starting, will see improvements to the High Street, which will become pedestrianised and include new pavement, plus the relocation of Hucknall Market.

The scheme is aimed to reduce congestion, create a more attractive shopping experience and improve flood relief after issues with flooding in the last few years.

We hope that pedestrianisation will make the area safer

Emma and Mark Allison, of The Sweet Café, said: “We hope the scheme will be really positive for the town.

“The local community is very loyal and supportive of the shops and businesses throughout the town centre and we hope that pedestrianisation will make the area safer and that the overall scheme and transport improvements benefit everyone for years to come.”

Stephanie Paulson, owner of Goldfinger Jewellers, said: “Our business has been open since 1981 and the possibility of this road was being discussed even then.

“This development means our premises is now on the corner of the new road.

“We are looking forward to the opening and hope the scheme can be really good for Hucknall.”

The new road is one of many steps to improve the town centre. Photo: Dave Tully

The County Council have invested over £3m in the project, which adds to the £8.5m from the Department for Transport and £1.35m from Ashfield District Council.

The project is expected to be completed in summer 2017.

The road, which links Annesley Road and Baker Street, is hoped to be named Torkard Way, after a well-known landowning family from the area.

It opened to the public yesterday, Sunday November 27.

It also incorporates bus links for services such as the 141, Amberline and ‘The Threes’, which will stop along the road.

Councillor Kevin Greaves, Committee Chairman for Transport and Highways, said: “We are extremely pleased to be celebrating the completion of Phase One of the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

“It is a massive investment in the town, and the road design is a remarkable feat of engineering.

“This project will also promote public transport and improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.”


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