Watch: Inside the Notts rare supercar business selling £1 million-plus vehicles

A supercar business based in Nottinghamshire is launching with some of the world’s rarest luxury vehicles – including a £1.6 million Ferrari Enzo.

Kaaimans International is the brainchild of businessmen Gary Tolson and Ian Kershaw, who are targeting global collectors with a stock list valued at £15 million.

Besides the super-rare Enzo, its showroom also contains several Lamborghinis, a 1972 Ferrari 246 GT, a McLaren 675 LT Spider, an Aston Martin Vulcan and a Bugatti Veyron worth £1.25 million.

There are also plans for the business to move from Langar to the historic Tollerton Hall, near the village of Tollerton, which is being refurbished to include a new showroom after being bought by Kershaw.

One of Nottinghamshire’s most successful businessmen, Kershaw spent 25 years with kitchen appliance manufacturer CDA in Langar. He left his role as managing director of the firm to become chairman at the start of the year.

The Bugatti Veyron outside Tollerton Hall, which will become the home of the business.

While still involved with the business, Kaaimans is a chance for him to turn a hobby into a new venture while he looks to sell some of his private collection.

“I am a current and ex-customer of this sort of car if you like,” said Kershaw.

“I’m hoping I can add in an understanding of what it’s actually like to go shopping for one of these cars, I don’t suppose you can appreciate what that’s like until you have tried to do it. We hope to end up with something a little bit different and more enjoyable.

Video: A look around the incredible showroom of Kaaimans International

“There are certain cars that are global cars, for example the Bugatti Veyron, they only ever made it left hand drive, for example.”

He added: “I’ve been buying cars for many years and it’s something I can hopefully translate into an enjoyable business.

“When you’re selling kitchen appliances, it’s hundreds of thousands of products and small items, when you are selling supercars, it’s one or two or three, so you get more involved in the product.”

Business partner Tolson is a performance and rare car specialist, who previously worked for renowned Derbyshire dealership Tom Hartley.

Of the Enzo, one of the rarest in the collection and one of only 400 worldwide, Tolson says: “There are not many in the UK and probably only two or three for sale in the country. It’s basically the pinnacle of Ferrari, it was designed as a road-going Formula One car.

“It was at the time probably the most exciting venture ever done by Ferrari.

Video: Gary Tolson demonstrates every boy’s dream – starting up a Ferrari Enzo

“If you turn around to any kid and say ‘Ferrari Enzo’ anyone knows what it looks like.

“With something like an Enzo it’s a worldwide market. It could be someone like Ian who has a huge collection of cars or it might go to the Far East. I’ve got a couple of serious enquiries – one from Singapore and one from Hong Kong.”