Irish wolfhounds steal best in show at this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade

Video: How Nottingham celebrated St Patrick’s Day

Irish wolfhounds stole the show at this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade with kids and adults alike regularly stopping by to pet the dogs.

Some kids were taken aback by what one described as a ‘small horse’ but it didn’t stop them showing love to the large Irish breed of domestic dog, named after what the dogs were originally used for – hunting wovles.

Carol, one of the handlers, said that the dogs had caused ‘quite a stir’.

Irish wolfhound at this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade

She said: “We come every year but we had just the three today; they certainly get more attention than what we do!

“We’ve had quite reception as we’ve walked them down into the city centre.

“I’m contacted every year before the parade while, they’re doing the arrangements and asking if I can get a crowd of them together so we do our best.”

Eileen Dowling was born in Derrygonnelly, County Fermanagh, Ireland and celebrated the St Patrick’s Day parade as one of the joint chief marshalls.

She said: “I’ve been here for 49 years and this is the first time we have marshalled in the parade.

“It’s the first time our county has been picked out of the 32 counties of Ireland, as the lead county for Nottingham’s parade.

“We will be talking to everyone after the parade and having a good time with everyone that’s for sure!”