Journalists to share unheard stories live in Old Market Square in UK first

Catherine Adams, Nottingham Trent University, Senior Lecturer, Event Co-Organiser
Catherine Adams, Nottingham Trent University, Senior Lecturer, Event Co-Organiser

A group of journalists will take to Old Market Square to become modern day town criers and deliver news stories directly to the public.

The unique event will aim to rebuild trust between the media and the public.

It is set to take place between 12pm and 2pm at Speakers Corner at the Brian Clough Statue on Saturday (May 18).

Female and non-binary journalists will share unpublished and original news stories.

Co-organiser and Nottingham Trent University lecturer Catherine Adams described the event as the first of its kind.

She said: “There are live journalism events all over the world, but in the UK, there is nothing quite like this.

“It all started with a mistrust in journalism, so my instinct was why don’t we go back to how they did it before…having journalists deliver news to people face to face.

“It’s a way to humanise journalists.”

This group is set to bring an ancient tradition back to life.

Town criers were the original journalists, standing in villages, ringing bells and shouting out headlines.

Catherine went on to describe the importance of promoting female and non-binary voices at a time when they are less visible in the mainstream media.

Participants of the News on the Street event
Pictured Left (Catherine Adams)
Pictured Top to Bottom: (Lorna McDonald, Carol Hinds, Jess O’Thompson, Willow Meaney, Veronica Munoz Martinez)

Lorna McDonald is a journalism graduate passionate about politics and its effect on local people. Her work discovers the untold stories behind the “world’s most humble” method of communication – postcards.

Carol Hinds is a retired journalist. She has worked across the country before joining the BBC’s regional news team in Nottingham. She will focus on delivering breaking news live and throughout the event.

Jess O’Thompson is a freelance journalist and legal researcher. Jess focuses on trans and disability rights issues. On Saturday, they will tell their experiences being a trans journalist on the receiving end of attacks. They ask: “is it safe to be a trans journalist?”

Willow Meaney, originally from West Wales is a City University of London graduate in Journalism. She will deliver a story focused on deep-fake porn, the dangers of it, whilst telling the story of one victim.

Veronica Munoz Martinez, originally from Ceuta, Spain, came to London to pursue journalism. She has found a passion in current affairs and humanitarian reporting. Veronica will be discussing how, through poetry and painting, women express their feelings living as a refugee.

Organiser Catherine Adams said she hopes the Nottingham public will stop to listen.

If the event is successful, she plans to present the concept to mainstream news outlets.

News on The Street takes place at Speakers Corner by the Brian Clough Statue in Market Square Nottingham, this Saturday (May 18) between 12pm and 2pm.

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