Lawn Master – Nottinghamshire business profile

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Based outside Retford Lawn Master offers a professional lawn care package with work managed by golf course trained and qualified operative Ian Stephens.

Ian has been looking after grass for almost 40 years now, having been a greenkeeper for 25 years, for 15 years he was head greenkeeper of golf courses. With this wealth of knowledge and experience he now uses his skills on properties around Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Ian has a Foundation Degree in Sportsturf Management and there are few turf problems that he hasn’t encountered in his time, he is now keen to transform peoples lawns in to lovely areas. By working with his clients, and discussing problems and issues they may have no matter how small, he has built up a solid group of customers who are really happy with Lawn Masters work.

With his brilliant team Ian can repair lawns whose customers thought were beyond repair, or they can carry out routine maintenance work to keep them healthy and looking great.

Lawn Master can offer a full programme of tasks for your lawn, including: – fertilising, weedkilling, moss control, disease management, insect control (chafers and leatherjackets), scarifying aeration and renovation work.

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