Looking After Each Other campaign aiming to get more people involved in communities

 A new initiative is aiming to help people in Nottingham get more involved with helping out in their communities.

The Looking After Each Other campaign launches on Monday 7 November and will run for 8 weeks in the run-up to Christmas.

It aims to get the people of Nottingham involved by introducing them to ways in which they can help look after each other.

It is lead by Nottingham City Council with Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (NCVS).


Portfolio Holder for Adults and Health Councillor Alex Norris said: “This is important because we know one in three adults at some point in the city will say that they feel lonely.

“We know that there are societal changes that mean we interact less with each other than in years gone by.

“We’ve come up with a menu of the basics that you can do stood in a queue to life changing things you can do as well.”

From taking the bins out for your older neighbours, to giving up your seat on the tram or even fostering – there is something for everyone no matter how little or how much time they have available.

Research has shown that 51% of all people aged 75 and over live alone and one in ten feel cut off from society and trapped in their own homes.

The council hopes this initiative will get more people helping others and eventually lead to fewer people feeling lonely and cut off this winter.

If you want to get involved and start Looking After Each Other you can go on the official campaign website and find out more about all the different ways you can help.


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