Man walked into Notts vets and abandoned dog with broken leg

A mystery man walked into a Hucknall vets and abandoned a dog with a badly broken leg.

Staff at Buckley House Vets, on West Street, are now helping the Saluki, who they have named Hope, after she was left in their reception.

“The guy who brought her in said ‘I need to go an move my car’ and that was the last we ever saw of him,” said vet William Heston.

“We tried to get in contact with the owner and put some messages out on Facebook and things, but no response.”

After checks and an x-ray, vets discovered the break and are now nursing her back to health – although she will need an operation for the injury for fully heal.

The x-ray which revealed one of Hope’s legs was badly broken. (Photo: Buckley House Vets)

William added: “She’s been absolutely incredible and she’s so sweet, there’s never a single whimper. She was scared stiff when she came in.

“Myself and one of our trainee nurses sat down with her and kept her nice and calm and comfy. We kept talking to her to get her to trust people.

“Even though she’s stable and the leg is working well, it’s still heartbreaking to see, you have to wonder why people do it.

“Obviously everyone has their reasons, but it doesn’t look good. She’s been a delight to have.”

After surgery today (October 11) Hope is expected to be ready for re-homing within days.

A re-homing charity has agreed to cover the the surgery at cost price, and William and other staff are carrying out the procedure in their own time.