Memorial service held to remember Kegworth air disaster 30 years on

The wreckage of the plane shortly after the disaster. (Photo: AAIB)

A memorial service has been held to remember the 47 people who died in the Kegworth air disaster 30 years after the tragedy.

A British Midland Boeing 737 crashed on the embankment of the M1 motorway, close to the village, on the night of January 8 1989.

Besides those who died, 74 people were seriously injured and emergency services and hospitals across the East Midlands were involved in the response.

Kegworth Parish Council and East Midlands Airport organised a community memorial event on Tuesday (January 8) including a service at St Andrew’s Church in the village.¬†This was followed by the laying of wreaths at a memorial in the local cemetery.

The plane began suffering trouble in one of its two engines while flying from Heathrow to Belfast with 126 people on board.

It was diverted to East Midlands Airport, but crashed short of the runway at the side of the motorway.

A memorial stone to those who lost their lives stands in Kegworth village.

Confusion over which engine had failed led to the pilots shutting down the wrong engine. The pilots avoided the village of Kegworth and the motorway itself but the plane hit the road’s embankment and broke into pieces.

Most of the people killed were close to the front of the plane, but 79 people, including the two pilots, survived.

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