Mind the bump! High visibility badges may be given to pregnant women

Mothers-to-be may be given free high visibility badges by Nottingham City Council to wear when on public transport to help reduce awkwardness.

The authority is proposing to introduce a new scheme, called ‘Baby on Board’, in an attempt to make it easier for pregnant women to use trams and buses.

High visibility badges would be given to expectant mothers across the city for them to wear when out and about. Council chiefs hope that the badges will then encourage people to show some common courtesy and let mothers-to-be have a seat.

“The scheme aims to help pregnant women choose to travel by public transport and reduces the embarrassment of having to ask someone to give up their seat,” said Councillor Jane Urquhart, portfolio holder for transport and planning at Nottingham City Council.

“Of course, many people are very happy to offer up their seat anyway but it is not always obvious in the first trimester that a woman is pregnant and in need of their seat.

“The Baby On Board scheme is backed by our local public transport operators and we would like to know if this is a scheme that our residents would support.”

The authority is now hosting a consultation on the plans, and is inviting people to have their say on their website, which can be done here.

“The scheme aims to help pregnant women choose to travel by public transport…”

The survey will run for two weeks from the 20th February to the 6th March 2015.

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