More homes and businesses in Sherwood set to enjoy superfast broadband

New figures show that families and businesses in Sherwood are benefitting from the government’s investment in superfast broadband.

Across Nottinghamshire, 27,439 homes and businesses now have access to superfast connections and by 2017 a total of 13,655 in Sherwood will enjoy lightning quick internet.

Sherwood’s MP Mark Spencer believes slow and cumbersome internet speeds will soon be a thing of the past for people in his constituency.

He said: “Local people used to be burdened by a slow and unreliable internet connection just a few years ago but now increasingly homes in our area are being connected up to the latest high speed broadband.

“This enables families to have a better browsing experience and businesses to operate more efficiently. Good internet is a vital utility now and I will continue to support my constituents to ensure they get the best there is.”

By 2017, 95 per cent of the UK will have access to superfast broadband – a huge rise from 45 per cent in 2009.

This investment is part of a long-term economic plan by the Conservatives which aims for families to benefit from the perks of speedy internet.

Businesses will also be able to open up new markets across the world, helping them to grow and create new jobs.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

Good, fast internet access is vital – both for businesses who need to be able to operate efficiently and for hardworking families who want to enjoy their free time.

David Cameron

Mr Cameron also commended the efforts of Mr Spencer.

He said: “Mark Spencer has been a vocal campaigner on this issue and I am pleased that good progress is being made in Sherwood, and across the country, through our Superfast broadband rollout plan.”


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