Nottingham artist creates chocolate casts of his own head

Chocolate Heads
Dean's chocolate heads

An artist from Nottingham Trent University has created three life-size chocolate casts of his own head.

Dean Morris, a 24-year-old fine art student, created a white, milk and dark chocolate cast of his head, which he says is a message around around celebrity worship, self idolisation and egotism.

He created it as part of his exhibition for the university’s 2016 degree show.

He said: “I didn’t really understand people’s obsession with celebrities.

“They do great work but from what I see in the media, no-one seems interested in their work any more, it’s more that they are interested in what toilet paper they are buying or what knickers they are wearing.

“I started off by making a rough cast of my head, just basic features, the nose cheek and the normal shape and I sculptured that cast with hair, opened the eyes and put all the detail in.

Dean morris with his exhibition
Dean morris with his exhibition

“I made a two-part silicon mould, it’s the same as Easter eggs, you pour the chocolate in the middle and swirl it round for several hours.

“On a whole they are very much like an Easter egg, they have 3,000 grams of chocolate in each head and I’ve got quite a few orders coming in actually.”

Having already cycled more than 400 miles since Friday, June 3, Dean will be riding an exercise bike for 50 hours throughout the degree show, in order to raise money for Emmanuel House, a charity which helps the homeless in Nottingham.

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