Nottingham Chief Nurse against new immigration rules

New immigration rules could mean that Non-European migrant nurses across Nottinghamshire could be forced to return home.

These new rules came into fruition as the government aims to target net migration. It is estimated that over 3000 nurses across the UK could be affected by these rules.

Non-European migrant workers could be forced to leave the UK if they do not earn £35,000 after six years of living in the country.

Nottingham University Hospitals Chief Nurse, Mandie Sunderland does not agree with the new rules and thinks the hospitals of Nottingham will be losing some key team members if these rules are implemented.

She said: “There is no doubt that these new proposals will have an impact on staffing across the whole of NUH.

“Our international nurses are an extremely important and valued part of our workforce here. We’ve got approximately 80 international nurses, some of whom have been here many many years.”

Mandie Sunderland, Chief Nurse at Nottingham University Hospitals, talks about international nurses.

However, Mandie is not worried about any shortages of nurses at the Nottingham University Hospitals.

She said: “I’d like to reassure everybody that if these rules are enforced, we will still have nurses to look after patients because we are constantly recruiting.

“People need to recognise the shortage of nurses is a national issue.”

 I really hope it doesn’t come to anything because our international nurses are really important to us.

Mandie Sunderland.

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