Nottingham joins war veterans to remember our fallen soldiers in Old Market Square

Video: Nottingham remembers

War veterans came together with the public in Old Market Square today to remember the soldiers who lost their lives in conflict.

The service started at 10.55am, where they gathered outside the Council House to bagpipes playing.

They were then joined by representatives of the Royal British Legion, Tom Huggon, Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, the Lord Mayor’s Chaplain Rev Christopher Harrison.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Mohammed Saghir and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Jackie Morris were also in attendance.

Soldiers gathered at the Council House to remember those they lost.
The soldiers gathered at the Council House to remember those they lost.

Barry Lawson, who served in the Royal Artillery for 24 years, said: “I think we unfortunately still live in a world where it’s still happening.

“Although it was set up as a remembrance act for the First World War, we’ve still got people dying all over the world in conflicts these days.”

Dominic Symes was in the RAF for 12 years, then went on to serve 6 years in the army and another 7 years in the Royal Navy Reserves.

He said: “As a member of the Armed Forces, we’re a family and you remember your family, past, present- forever.”

It’s a reflection of friends that couldn’t come home and stand in silence

Dave Thomas, who was in the Royal Artillery for 27 years, said he was immensely proud of the amount of people who turned up to remember the soldiers.

“It’s what our country’s built about, it’s who we are,” he added.

“To keep the memory of the fallen alive is key to me, it’s what we’re all about.”

Iain Gibson served in the Royal Engineers for 5 years.

He stressed the importance of Remembrance Day for preventing the past from repeating itself in the future.

“In future, if we can look back and see the devastation that follows with any conflict, then we can only strive to prevent it in the future.

“It was a reflection of friends that couldn’t come home and couldn’t stand in silence, that have fell forever silent.”

Video: The service at Old Market Square

Rev Harrison started the ceremony by recalling the origins of Armistice Day, as well as why it’s important to remember not only those from the WWI, but the 12,000 British Soldiers who have given their lives.

“Remembrance transcends all boundaries.” he said.

“It is a rare moment when the nation can stand together and reflect upon the price of freedom.

“Sadly that price is still being paid, more than 12,000 British servicemen and women have been killed and injured on active service since 1945.”

The bagpipes were played before the service.

The Act of Homage was then read to the crowd, which included servicemen and women, their families and children from local schools.

This was followed by two minutes of silence, during which a bugler from Nottingham High School played the Last Post.

Bruce Lakin then read his poem, entitled ‘Poppy Fields’, about the soldiers who died in WWII.

Last year he read his poem called ‘Mother Dear’.

Video: Bruce Lakin’s poem, ‘Poppy Fields’.

The national anthem was then played.

Finally, the Lord Mayor’s chaplain closed the ceremony.

The Lord Mayor said the soldiers must be remembered for giving their life.

“They sacrificed their lives for us, for our future, for our children’s future and for our freedom.

“We need to remember them and we need to teach our children that what we live in now, they gave their life for, so we need to remember them every day wherever we can.”