Nottingham man hunts for good Samaritan

missing wallet returned to owner

Tom Watts was left stunned when his lost wallet turned up on his parents doorstep with a kind letter from a total stranger.

23 year old radio presenter at Capital FM lost his wallet at Luton railway station after returning from a holiday in Serbia. After he believed that all hope of finding it was lost, he got a surprise when it was posted to his parents home address.

The the envelope also included a handwritten letter which read: “I’m really, really sorry Tom. I picked this up thinking it was my mates and there was no number. Hope you enjoyed Serbia and good luck at uni!”.

“Let’s find this anonymous legend” says Tom.

The stranger anonymously posted the letter from England, and the hunt to find whoever sent it has gone viral. With more than 54,000 shares on Facebook already and 29,000 likes there is hope that whoever he/she is will be found.

Tom wrote on his Facebook page: “There’s not a single penny missing – all my cards and ID etc. are still there! There are some incredible people out there. BUT, there’s no name or contact details on the note, so I can’t even say thanks”.

Tom Watts

Picture: Tom Watts was left stunned when he had his wallet returned after losing it

One man has come forward stating that it was him who posted the wallet – but this has now been doubted after claims he lives in Australia due to the postage stamp being from the UK.

Tom believes that its reassuring to know that there are good people in the world.

He said: “I was just so lucky and grateful that I managed to lose my wallet in front of such a kind hearted person”.

Sadly the Good Samaritan didn’t leave his or her name or contact details, but Tom is eager to find and thank them.

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