Notts open water swimmer to tackle Irish lake as cold as waters where Titanic sank

Video: Adam Walker speaks on Sports Week

A Nottinghamshire open water swimmer will tackle a swim across an Irish lake in water that is as cold as the waters where Titanic sank.

Adam Walker became the first Brit to swim the Ocean’s Seven, which consists of seven long-distance open-water swims across the world.

He is now preparing to take on a thirty minute swim across an Irish lake in nothing but his swimming trunks.

Speaking on Sports Week, Adam said: “To put this swim into perspective, when the Titanic passengers fell overboard, apparently you’d last for three or four minutes in these temperatures.

“The waters will be two or three degrees and in anything below four degrees, you may have to break ice to do it and the air temperature will be pretty cool as well.

“Once you get in there though it’s head down and seeing how far you can push yourself.”

Adam is doing the swim to see where his breaking point is.

He said: “This swim is for myself to see how far I can stretch myself and see what I’m capable of.

“I’m used to 13, 14, 15 degrees and swimming for 15 hours non-stop, whereas here I’ve got to do two or three degrees in trunks, swim hat, no wetsuit, so we’ll see what happens.

“No wetsuit is part of the challenge – it’s you versus nature.”

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