Nottingham Panthers threaten supporters trust with legal action over its name

Video: Interim chair Robert Scott on the threatened legal action

The chair of an ice hockey supporters trust have said Nottingham Panthers have threatened it with legal action.

The new fan group initially wanted to call itself the Nottingham Panthers Supporters Trust – but members said they received a legal threat telling them to remove any reference to the club.

The club is now called the Nottingham Ice Hockey Supporters Trust.


Robert Scott, interim chair of the supporters trust, said: “The only communication we’ve had with the Panthers is a letter from their solicitor and that’s been it.

“We’ve tried many times to call, email or send them letters to invite them to start communication with us.

“The letter said we were using images and words that were copyrighted for our own gain and that we were connected to the club.

“As we understand, the solicitor has now been disengaged by the club because we sent a legal reply saying we need more information about what the problem is.

“As far as we know, the legal threat is over – it was disappointing but it is not going to deter us.”

Supporters Direct, which has established nearly 200 trusts across Britain says it has never seen this before.

Nottingham Panthers have not provided Notts TV with a response.