Nottingham to host Oktoberfest beer festival?

World famous German beer festival, Oktoberfest, could soon be on its way to Nottingham later this year.

The organisation which runs Munich Oktoberfest has applied for licences at Nottingham City Council, to run a classic Bavarian Beer festival on the Forest Recreation ground for five evenings starting October 28th.

It’s success in other cities in the UK including London, Birmingham and Manchester has led the committee to try to bring it to other major cities in the country.

Andrew Ludlow from Real Ale’s Nottingham thinks if it did come to the city it would be beneficial for all.

“Nottingham has become tourist central. If it’s done properly, it will encourage more people into the fine city of Nottingham,” said the campaigner.

“Robin Hood beer festival has been running for 40 years. We have the expertise, knowledge and the right contacts with the authorities to try and make this happen”.

The festival which began in the 19th century attracts more than six million people from across the world each year.

Stephan Richeux from Nottingham City Council said: “Responsible authorities and members of the public have until August 18th to raise any objections; if none are received the licence will be granted”.

The five day German beer and folk festival would expect to see around 12,000 people visiting the event.

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