Nottingham welcomes its first trampoline park

‘Planet Bounce’ is one of the UK’s first trampoline parks to be in a city and it’s opening this week.

Planet Bounce is excited to bring their own space themed jump playground to Nottingham, following a global craze which has swept up the US and Australia. Imagine a giant warehouse filled with interconnected trampolines and you can picture Planet Bounce!

Visitors can make use of 5 different areas, for a unique trampoline experience.

There are 50 interconnected trampolines on Main Court, a spring-loaded Dodgeball Arena, an Airbag, Basketball lanes and the UK’s first Aeroball – 1 on 1 volleyball on trampolines.

Shelley Biddulf, the Court Coordinator said:

‘We are really excited to be opening Planet Bounce this weekend. All of our staff are extremely passionate and have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into getting the park up and running’.

-Shelley Biddulf, the Court Coordinator believes that the park will be a great success.

Planet Bounce will be fully open from Saturday.  Opening hours are Monday to Sunday 10 am – 10pm.

The park caters to all ages with several types of sessions and up to 100 people can attend in one time slot.

The park is located on Huntingdon St which is by the Victoria Centre.



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