Nottingham woman designs UK’s first ‘luxury hijab’ fashion range

Video: Roda Abdi speaks about the luxury hijabs and why she set the company up

A Nottingham woman hopes to inspire a generation of Muslim women with the UK’s first high-end hijab and modest dress range.

Roda Abdi got the idea for her Amirab fashion line after struggling to find clothes in keeping with her beliefs which also fit in with her style and job as an accountant.

“What I’ve found when I go to big meetings is people can sometimes judge you by your image,” she said.

“If you are wearing something very plain it can affect how you are treated and that can knock your confidence.

“I found there was nothing I wanted – If I wanted a nice dress it was difficult to find something that was not too low cut or too sheer.

“I just wanted something beautiful that meant I didn’t have to compromise my principles.”

Roda, 30, works as an accountant for Turning Point at NG2 Business Park and began designing clothes in her spare time.

She has just launched Amirab online after finding textiles from the UK and Europe and having them made at a factory in Portugal.

Video: Models show Roda’s full range in a fashion shoot

The range includes hijab head scarves and full-length dresses in a range of colours and styles.

A hijab is a scarf designed to cover the head and neck, but leaving the face clear as a sign of modesty.

Roda, who lives in The Arboretum, added: “It’s very important to me – clothing shouldn’t be something that compromises who I am as a person.

“I think there’s a massive market there, I think young Muslim women can sometimes feel like they are being left out – they feel like they have to compromise with their clothing because of a lack of choice, and I don’t think it should be like that. Often the clothing that is designed for them is just black or plain.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. I’ve already had a few buyers from London and the Middle East and there have been some enquiries from magazines.”


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