Nottingham’s first ‘atheist church’ has its first birthday

The Nottingham Sunday Assembly, a non-religious community movement, has been celebrating its first birthday.

Part of a global network of non-religious Sunday Assemblies, the “not for prophet” movement has now established 63 congregations around the world and established its first in Nottingham in December 2013.

With its motto ‘Live better, Help often and Wonder more’, the Nottingham congregation has grown to over 200 members since opening.

The aim of the Sunday Assemblies is to include the ‘best bits’ of the church without any deity or supernatural belief for people who want a similar communal experience to going to a religious church.

Claiming to be radically inclusive, the assembly is run by volunteers and aims to create a community open to everyone.

David Winfield, the assembly’s lead organiser, said:

It’s really about celebrating the one life we know we have.

David Winfield

“Recognising that in the UK we have become a fairly secular society, I think a lot of people have moved away from traditional organised religion in the last 10 or 20 years but miss aspects of being part of a church, such as community and fellowship.”

The Sunday Assembly meet monthly as well as putting on a fortnightly ‘Thursday Club’ to contemplate and share experiences and discuss a broad range of topics such as inspirational people, books and music.

Photo: Members of Nottingham’s Sunday Assembly sing together

David added: “It’s about getting together, celebrating life and helping each other fulfil their full potential as human beings.

“Oh, and to eat cake and drink tea!”

The Sunday Assembly meets in the function room above the Canal House, Canal Street, in Nottingham every third Sunday of the month from 11am to noon- with regular meet ups also put on every week.

For more information you can click here or contact David on 07443544296 or

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