Nottinghamshire family take in tiny baby goat as a pet

A Nottinghamshire family have taken a tiny baby goat into their home to save its life.

The kid, named Tommy, has settled in with Tracy and Rupert Harker in Clipston-on-the-Wolds.

The couple run Harker’s Farm in the village, where Tommy was born two weeks ago – but only just survived the birth.

At first he was too weak to stand and showed little response, so the family took him into their home to try revive him – and he’s stayed there ever since.

Tracy said: “He was so cold and wet, and wasn’t looking very strong at all. We decided if we left him where he lay he wouldn’t survive, so we brought him in to the house.

“Me and my son Samuel got the hair dryer on him and thought that would bring him round and warm him up a bit – which it did, but he couldn’t stand up.”

The family have since had to hand raise Tommy, feeding him every three hours day and night to keep him alive.


Picture: Tommy and Max the Spaniel are sharing the house

Now he’s a healthy bouncing baby goat and has even become pals with his housemate – Max the family Spaniel.

“Max tolerates the pets we bring in I think more than anything,” added Tracy

Rupert said: “He’s nice to have around, he’s a cute little character, and no problem at all.

“We’ve just finished lambing on the farm, it’s been a busy year and it’s all been ok, I’m hoping for some earlier nights.”

Tommy is expected to be strong enough to head out to the farm’s fields for a normal life in the next two weeks.


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