Nottinghamshire dairy farm installs milk vending machine

A Nottinghamshire dairy farm has installed a fresh milk vending machine at the end of its drive to bring customers fresher produce.

New Holbeck Farm, near Southwell, decided to invest in the technology after falling UK milk prices left some farms saying they were being paid less per litre than it costs them to produce the liquid.

The farm is behind the Real Milk Company and is on the way to obtaining organic farm status.

Milk from the machine costs £1 a litre and comes straight from the farms cows. It is pasteurised before sale and the machine also steam cleans itself after every use.

Farmer Tom Sharman said: We decided that being fed up with being paid such low prices for milk we needed to do something about it.

“So we researched into milk vending machines which are very popular in Europe we found a distributor – another dairy farmer from Norfolk – who had one to sell his raw milk and so spoke to him and arranged for one of our own.”



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