Nottinghamshire shaken by suprise East Midlands earthquake

Nottinghamshire people shocked as an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 hits the East Midlands.

The tremor, which had its centre in Rutland,  happened at around 10.30pm last night (Wednesday, January 28).

Despite being in a neighbouring county, the quake was felt by residents across Nottinghamshire who took to Twitter to tell their earthquake stories.

The British Geological Survey, which is based in Nottinghamshire, has reported receiving more than 1400 ‘felt’ reports from the tremor, with people as far away as Sheffield feeling the shockwaves.


Notts TV presenter and Lowdham resident Frances Finn tweeted: “Earthquake! Our bedroom shook and we were defo not in bed! Centre in Leics, but felt here in Lowdham. Anywhere else in Notts?”

Nottinghamshire reacts:

James Doyle (@lovaGA1983) tweeted: “I did in top valley, I thought it was paranormal so not thought of it.”

Jen Thomas (@jenthomaswrites) tweeted: “…felt it in Newark, tweeted as it happened. Lasted 4-5 seconds and walls shook, loud rumble.”


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