Notts boxer Leigh Wood ‘wants title fight on Kell Brook undercard’

Video: Leigh Wood speaking about how he prepares for fights on Sports Week

Nottinghamshire boxer Leigh Wood has said he wants to ‘box for a title on the next Kell Brook undercard’.

Wood, 29, from Gedling is fighting at the Harvey Hadden Sports Village on Saturday (November 25) night.

However he feels ‘frustrated’ he has been unable to secure another national title fight before now.

The last and only title fight Wood had was against Gavin McDonnell at the Ice Arena in Hull for the vacant British Super Bantamweight Title – Wood lost through a technical knockout, the only loss of his career.

Speaking on Sports Week, Wood said: “It’s been frustrating – I was expecting to be fighting for a national title in either October or November this year.

“The only way I can sum it up is frustrating but we knew the title wasn’t going to happen because people were tied up.

“There’s nothing you can do about that because you can’t say, you’re not doing that, and people are in boxing eliminators and I was out with an injury.”

Wood said it was difficult to find an opponent who was willing to come to Nottingham to fight him.

He said: “So we thought the next best thing was to box an eliminator to push me but trying to get an opponent for an eliminator is even harder.

“We’ve offered numerous people a lot of money to come to Nottingham and they;ve just point blank refused.

“The money we’ve offered for people to come to Nottingham is more than I got boxing on Sky Sports.

“I’m going to fight with a good attitude and will fight regardless but you’ve just got to stay on it and my opportunities will come eventually.”

For more from Leigh, watch the November 22 episode of Sports Week on Notts TV at 7.30pm, or see our catch up service.