Notts ex-pats denied vote in EU referendum

Thousands of Nottinghamshire people living in Europe won’t get a vote in the EU referendum – because they’ve lived abroad for more than 15 years.

Now some say they believe the rule is unfair and should be overturned so they can take part in one of the biggest political sticking points in recent British history.

Notts TV News has travelled to the Costa Almeria in Spain to speak to a small community of Notts ex-pats facing up to growing uncertainty over how their rights and futures could be affected by the June 23 poll.

Former Carlton resident Kathryn Susan Simpson moved to the coastal town of Mojacar 29 years ago – and as such cannot vote.


She said: “I think it’s unfair that we’re not allowed to have a say if it is going to affect us.

“It makes me angry really. It’s going to affect our future here.”

Kathryn Susan Simpson moved to Mojacar from Carlton

Last month campaigners for ex-pat votes lost a High Court Challenge to have the 15-year rule overturned, but are planning further legal appeals.

In response the Government says the EU referendum franchise – who can and can’t vote – has been debated has been considered, debated and agreed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

And the cabinet office is urging anyone living abroad who has the right to vote to use it.

Beeston-born Haylee Roebuck has lived and worked in Mojacar for nine years, since she was 21.

She says that among younger votes political apathy is as much of a problem in Spain as it is at home.

hayley roebuck
Haylee Roebuck fears young ex-pats won’t vote

“There’s a lot of younger British people here, but because they’ve been brought up and schooled in Spain, they’re not really that bothered.

“I don’t many of them will vote because they don’t see it as affecting them. Some of them are not registered to vote.

“Some people have been here since they were 11 or 12 years old. For them this is home and they don’t really care.”





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