The active Notts guide to keeping your healthy New Year’s resolution

Video: The Adrenalin Jungle offers a more engaging way of staying in shape

With the end of January approaching, some people may be starting to lose motivation to keep those well-meaning New Year’s resolutions.

But thankfully Nottinghamshire offers some interesting alternative methods of staying in shape and keeping the winter blues away.

If you’ve been spending hours on a treadmill and your dinners have been looking a little green, then before you lose all hope and give up, making a change could get your motivation sky high again.

The Adrenaline Jungle in Sherwood Forest offers a range of activities from quad biking, paint-balling and an assault course to get you burning those calories.

You can move around without even realising you’re exercising

Director Don Logan said:”Coming here can form a great element of a fitness program and you can run around without even realising you’re exercising.

“Generally two hours moving around is even more than people do even when they put their minds to it.”

The assault course takes a group of six people and challenges them to a range of tasks and obstacles.

But when you’ve finished your workout, it’s likely you are eating a salad after overindulging on mince pies during the Christmas period.

Video: Nottingham food vlogger Warren Nash talks overnight oats

Nottingham Food vlogger Warren Nash thinks you’d be doomed to fail on your diet if you cut particular foods out completely.

He said: “Having a little bit of what you love is okay and it’s a good thing really, it keeps your motivation up.”

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, planning ahead seems to be the key.

Research has shown by taking on too much, too early, 66 per cent of resolutions end up being broken in the first month.

“Changing your behaviour, or some aspect of it, doesn’t have to be restricted to the start of the New Year. It can be any time,” advises Mark Griffiths, an addiction expert at Nottingham Trent University who wrote a column on the subject for The Conversation.

“Accept lapses as part of the process.”

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