Notts Police officer faces drugs supply charges

Both officers are based at Radford Road Police Station. (Picture: Google)

A Nottinghamshire police officer has been charged with drugs supply offences.

The force says PC Gareth Golds is accused of encouraging or assisting the supply of steroids, which are categorised as a Class C controlled drug.

The officer, 31, is also charged with offering to supply a controlled drug of Class C and misfeasance [misuse] in public office.

As part of the investigation, another officer faces separate criminal charges.

PC Adrian Farmer, 36, is charged with misfeasance in public office and unauthorised access to computers.

Both are based at Radford Road Police Station, and will appear at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court on Friday, December 2. They have been suspended from duty.

Two members of the public connected to the investigation have also been charged.

Anthony Meade, 36, of Cumberland Avenue, Beeston and Carl Barber, 36, of Colonsay Close, Trowell, will appear at court on the same day as the officers, charged with assisting or encouraging the commission of an offence by another, intending to encourage and assist its commission.

A fifth unnamed man, aged 43, has been reported for summons on suspicion of supplying class C.

As part of an unconnected inquiry, a member of police staff has been charged with theft and a data protection act offence.

Keith Robson, 58, an intelligence analyst based at Holmes House in Mansfield, is alleged to have recklessly disclosed personal data.

He is also alleged to have stolen a computer belonging to the force. He will appear at Nottingham Magistrates’ court on December 15.

He has been suspended from work.