Notts top baby names revealed

Nottinghamshire County Council has announced its list of top baby names for boys and girls- and they seemingly buck the national trend.

On a national scale, the names Muhammad and Sophia head up the top ten lists.

However, in Nottinghamshire, remarkably no baby was registered as Muhammad this year.

Instead, the name Jack sits at number one on the boys list.

Nottinghamshire’s top boys names

1. Jack
2. Oliver
3. Harry
4. Oscar
5. Noah

As for the girls, Olivia is the most popular name of the year in the county, but only reaches number four in the national top ten.

Sophia has been announced as the most popular, but is nowhere to be seen in the Notts top rankings.

Nottinghamshire’s top girls names

1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Ava
4. Isla
5. Emily

However, there are some similarities between the local and national list – with boys names Oliver and Noah both being popular.

Amelia and Emily have also been recognised as highly popular names on a local and national scale.

George, a name made popular by the arrival of the royal baby last year, has fallen down the pecking order – only sitting ninth on the Notts list.

The most popular baby names in Nottinghamshire this year continued to be traditional names such Emily, Oliver and Jack.

                                                                    Helen Scaman Nottinghamshire County Council’s Registration Service.

Despite the local top ten broadly following the national top ten, she did also notice some stark differences,

Ms Scaman said: “The most popular UK girl’s name Sophia, which reached number 18 locally but this may change in a year’s time.”



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