Owner suspects missing ostrich-like bird may have been taken

Nottinghamshire Police are warning people to be on the look out after an ‘aggressive’ ostrich-like bird escaped from a private collection near Worksop.

The bird, known as a rhea has been missing from the Roxholme Fly Fishery since Monday evening. It is white in colour and roughly 6 foot in height.

Roxholme Fly Fishery, situated in Carlton in Lindrick, North Nottinghamshire is home to a variety of live stock including chickens, quails, peacocks and of course rheas.

Andy MacDonald, owner of the fishery suspects the bird may have been taken rather than escaped, he said: “I believe that the rhea has been taken rather than we’ve lost it.”

It is a very expensive breed and mark my words, whoever took the bird will have known exactly what they were looking for.

Andy MacDonald, Roxholme Fly Fishery Owner .

Police are still urging people to be on the lookout for the rhea.

Inspector Paul Peatfield of Nottinghamshire Police said: “We are warning local people and particularly those with small children to be on their guard and not to approach the bird which poses a very real threat to the public due to its size, aggressive nature and the unfamiliar surroundings it could find itself in.

“Officers are working with the owner to trace the bird as we look to bring this incident to a safe conclusion.”

The image of the bird is similar to the missing one, but the missing rhea is bigger in size. If anyone catches sight of the flightless creature, they are urged to call 999 straight away and quote incident number 601.

David Lindo, a bird expert from Nottinghamshire, does not believe the missing rhea is dangerous but still warned people against approaching it, he said: “You are more likely to be pecked and attacked by a deer.”

He believes that the bird would more than likely to run away if someone approached it.

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