Patient discovered her Wollaton GP practice was closing through Facebook

Further protests have taken place against the planned closure of a Wollaton GP practice affecting nearly 3,000 patients.

A group of 50 patients of Dr Khashayar Ghaharian protested outside the city centre offices of NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group, off Park Row on Friday morning (February 17).

Dr Ghaharian operates at Wollaton Vale Health Centre and is retiring, but a decision has been made by the CCG to close the practice, rather than allocate it to another doctor.

Other services and GPs working at Wollaton Vale Health Centre will not be affected.

Dr Ghaharian’s single-GP practice at the centre will close on February 28, and patients are now being allocated to alternative doctors.

Patient Michelle Stonier said: “I am outraged that we have had no notice about this.

“I only found out about it through Facebook from a friend’s post.

“We’ve had another a surgery close six months ago now this one is closing and we are a family of five, I want all of us to go to the same surgery and at the moment I don’t know where that’s going to be.

“We want to stay there, they are a great team, they know us well and I don’t really know what we should be doing.

“I’ve not received my letter yet, I’ve been told it would be before today. We’re also here today for the elderly people who can’t get a bus to go to a surgery.

“We haven’t been given a voice we’ve just been told what’s going to happen.”

Michelle Stonier (left) and her mother, Marilyn Charlesworth, are both patients of Dr Ghaharian.

Steven Lowe, Chairman of the Patient Participation Group for the practice, said: “We only received official confirmation today [Friday].

“There’s been no consultation with any of the patients, we’ve been told this is all cut and dried.

“The doctor doesn’t want it [the service to end], the staff don’t want it and the patients don’t want it.

“There’s been no consultation whatsoever.

“We want someone to listen to us and take our concerns into consideration, as of yet that has not happened.

“I’ve written to people and phoned people and have not yet had a formal response.

“There was also a move for someone to take the surgery over with the doctor’s blessing.

“That was all under way and suddenly the authorities have stepped in and stopped everything and just said the surgery is closing and that is it.”

Steven Lowe, 63, is campaigning for the practice to continue.

Some patients say they are concerned about where their new doctor will be based.

Ajit Samra, also a patient, said: “I’ve been at this surgery for thirty years and where do I go now?

“I’ve not been notified about anything at the moment and I’m just worried, I need the surgery, so does my wife.

“I’ve had a stroke. I need someone that I can talk to and where do I go from here?”

Maria Principe, a director at the CCG, said: “As a single-handed practice, we appreciate the disruption and concern that notice of Dr Ghaharian’s retirement will cause to patients.

“We are working with the practice to ensure all Dr Ghaharian’s patients receive ongoing care and support, and are more than happy to provide advice to patients about their individual circumstances.

“Our independent Primary Care Commissioning Panel reviewed all options to support patients shortly after Dr Ghaharian gave notice of retirement.

“We are confident the planned closure will not affect availability of appointments.

“Local practices are willing to take on new patients and there is capacity in the area for all those affected by the closure.

“Patients will receive a letter before Friday 17 February, with details of how to register with another GP before the practice closes on 28 February.

“Patients who wish to discuss any concerns or need assistance in registering with another practice should contact our Patient Experience Team on 0115 883 9570 or email”